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Birthing Plan

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Patient name*
Date of Birth Due Date
During labor, I prefer

To monitor my baby during
labor, I prefer
For pain relief, I prefer
If I choose an epidural,
I would like to have it
During delivery,
I prefer
I would like
After delivery, I prefer
If I have a cesarean delivery,
I would like

Preferences for my baby's care

I plan to
If my baby is a boy, I prefer
After birth, I would like to
stay in the hospital

The following applies to all patients:

  • Clear liquids and light snacking in most cases.
  • You may choose the lighting, music, etc.
  • IV access is required (this may been a simple saline lock). IV fluids may or may not be needed.
  • Episiotomies are no longer routinely recommended and only performed if indicated.
  • We strongly recommend all newborns receive Vitamin K injections, vaccines and antibiotic eye ointment. These are all standard recommendations. If you have concerns with any of these interventions, please discuss them with your pediatrician.
  • Your provider will discuss all changes in your condition and recommendations for further interventions.
  • All of our nurses are highly trained to assist with breastfeeding. We also have lactation consultants available in the hospital. If you need further assistance once you are home from the hospital, outpatient lactation services are available. We can provide more information about these services upon request.